Today is September 1st and is not only the first day of September but the first day of our fall semester of music lessons here in Calgary. And what a busy day it was! As usual, first days can be not only busy, but hectic as well. It seems Murphy’s Law was in full swing and it was all we could do to keep up with everything going wrong at once.

Some of the issues dealt with today included getting new students on the schedule. This can be a challenge when so many students request the same instructors and of course the more popular instructors tend to have very full schedules. In fact a few of our most popular teachers had almost full schedules shortly after the beginning of summer break as many of our returning students booked early to ensure they had their spots reserved. It is quite disappointing to not get the instructor you want which is why we always advise students to get on the fall schedule as early as possible. Fortunately we have had many new instructors applying for positions and we hope the new students and those returning will give them a chance to become part of the team.

So we will do our best to make sure everyone gets the instructor they want and the time and day they want. We certainly appreciate the patience and good will of all our students as we tend to a very wonderful time of new beginnings, new and old friends and the start of a whole new year of music. And as always, we are in working mode with our sleeves rolled up and ready to tackle those loose ends that threaten to become a tangled mess. We may not have every single strand under control but enough to keep the ship on course and everyone as happy as possible. Let’s get started!