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Welcome to Bowtown Music’s recording studio!

Here at Bowtown Music we pride ourselves on quality.  Quality of products, quality of service, and in this case, the quality of our equipment and sound.  As fellow musicians we understand the artistry that goes behind the creation of music and would be proud to be a part of your musical journey.  Our rates start at $75 an hour for recording and the same great price of $75 an hour for mixing and mastering.  We have an in house Audio Engineer that will accompany you through the recording process.  Our expert engineer can also aid in the production, arrangment and accompaninment of your music at an extra cost.  So, choosing Bowtown Music for your recording needs will give you access to top notch equipment, a knowledgable engineer and a staff that is just as passionate about music as yourself!  We look forward to seeing you soon and to bringing your musical talent into fruition.


Sound Craft 16/24 Console

Superb analogue sound

Industry standard music production software

Pro Tools 10 | Logic

Lynx Aurora Audio Interface

NS10 – KRK Monitors

Professional studio microphones

Neumann U87 | Sennheiser MK4

Rode NT1A | AKG 200 | MXL V67i | CAD D12 

GXL 1200 | T3M 411 | AT 2050 | APEX 205

Apex 415 | Apex 185

Toft Audio ATC-2

Meet our Audio Engineer!




Eric Svilpis – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Keys, Ukulele, Double Bass, and Harmonica

With his mother being an organist and his father playing the guitar, Eric has spent his whole life around music. Largely self-taught, he has been playing the guitar for 19 years, the electric bass for 11 years, and the upright bass for 6 years, and he has been performing on stages across the country for the last 14 years with a plethora of different musical acts. In addition to teaching music for the past 6 years, Eric stays very active in the local music scene producing and engineering records for all kinds of acts in the city. This ranges from acoustic folk and alt-country to experimental textural projects and free jazz.

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