Happy New Year to everyone and may 2017 be the best ever as we begin a new cycle around our bright and wondrous star.

New beginnings are a not only a time to look forward to the year ahead but also a time to reflect on the achievements of the past. Did we accomplish those goals we set out this time last year? What can we learn from the events of the past that will benefit us going forward?

As with any endeavor worth pursuing there is much to learn, mistakes will be made and corrections implemented. We at Bowtown Music are dedicated to ensure that all of our students and customers get the best possible service and product available. To this end we have made some changes to our policy which will hopefully address issues concerning music lessons, payments, cancellations, rentals and other general organizational activities in a clearer form. Misunderstandings and mistakes will happen but we do hope to mitigate them as much as possible. We have posted our Policy Statement on our website so please have a look so that questions about music lessons, rental and purchase of instruments and booking time in our recording studio will be answered. And of course if there are any other question or concerns we would love to speak with everyone directly so don’t hesitate to call or see us at our shop. You are always welcome!