Bowtown Music Instructors

Our instructors are carefully chosen for their high degree of skill, knowledge and dedication to ensure that each student receives individually tailored lessons in a positive, supportive, friendly environment.

Andrew Balboa – voice, piano, guitar, bass, drums and music theory

Andrew studied Opera at the prestigious McGill University for 5 years. His ambition is to pursue a career in Opera, and continue to share his deep love and passion for music to up and coming youth. Andrew has a strong understanding of music theory, disciplined patience, strong communication skills and a sincere connection to music enthusiasts. 


Rahbek Salomons – guitar, ukulele

In 2014, Rahbek completed a diploma at Grant MacEwan University in Jazz Guitar. She continues to perform & record, recently opening for the Trews as lead guitarist for Edmonton rock band, Marystown. She has also recorded with Calgary rock group, T.L.L.C.  Rahbek has a diverse background, ranging from intense metal styles to soft jazz, and with her passion for music, she hopes to inspire her students to be life-long musicians.

Dave Bauer – guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, bouzouki

Dave is a born and raised Calgarian. He took up guitar at age 12 and has been playing professionally, recording and teaching for over 10 years.  He is a talented musician who loves to teach students of all ages.

Tiffiny Chine – piano, voice

Tiffiny is a passionate multi-instrumentalist and an advocate for musical learning and all of its many benefits.  She specializes in teaching piano and voice by addressing personal goals and supporting the particular strengths and learning styles of each student. During this process, she also provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music, which include rhythm, technique, and theoretical application. Tiffiny has studied the Royal Conservatory of Music, completing her grade 9 RCM exam at the age of 15 and is currently working to complete her grade 10 ARCT.

Craig Silver – guitar, ukulele, voice, drums

Craig holds a BA in Sociology and graduated with a Bachelors of Education from Crandall University. He has been involved in music and singing on stage since he was six years old. For two years, he sang with a professional black gospel choir called “Chorale of Reconciliation” from Montreal who released their first CD in 2006 called Heartquake/Tremblement de Coeur. On his time off, he taught guitar and helped train vocalists and now continues to teach the next generation of musicians.

Priya Bosman – violin

Priya is a student with a passion for music of all sorts. She has been studying classical violin and music theory since she was eight years old; she has completed her advanced rudiments, and is currently pursuing her grade eight RCM certification. Along the way, Priya has also picked up acoustic guitar and ukulele. She has attended various orchestra and chamber music summer schools and is excited to share her love of music with all students.

Anthony Bijak – guitar

Anthony has been playing guitar for over 10 years and has completed his Bachelors of Arts in Music at the University of Calgary. While his musical background is diverse, his predominant playing style is jazz. His interests outside of guitar include producing and recording engineering. Anthony is a dedicated teacher with a passion for sharing his musical knowledge and he welcomes students of all ages and skill levels.  

Eric Svilpis – guitar, bass, drums, piano

With his mother being an organist and his father playing the guitar, Eric has spent his whole life around music. Largely self-taught, he has been playing the guitar for 19 years, the electric bass for 11 years, and the upright bass for 6 years, and he has been performing on stages across the country for the last 14 years with a plethora of different musical acts. In addition to teaching music for the past 6 years, Eric stays very active in the local music scene producing and engineering records for all kinds of acts in the city. This ranges from acoustic folk and alt-country to experimental textural projects and free jazz.

Marina Bulantceva – Piano, Theory 

Mrs. Marina believes that concentration, patience, plus regular practice guarantees every student positive results. She understands that music as a science helps develop your cognitive ability, that music as an art helps develop your senses, and finally, that music as a method of relaxation makes you happy. She says: “I have been learning all my life. First, I studied music theory, piano, economy, political science, journalism and management at the university in Russia. Nowadays, I am a student again – I am taking classes as part of the English language program for newcomers in Canada. The universe around us is huge, and the world of music is fascinating! I will be happy to help you embrace the world of music and discover new things about yourself if you join my piano and music theory class!”  

Zach Peterson – guitar, bass, vocal

Zach is a professional actor and musician and has been seen on stages large and small across Alberta, though he currently calls Calgary home. He has been studying voice and music for the better part of ten years and makes his living as a professional performer, musician, and educator. Having an active career in the arts definitely helps in knowing the do’s and don’ts of building a strong musical foundation. Zach’s teaching style works toward a greater understanding of music and how it can be used in achieving freedom in musical and personal expression. He understands that every student has a unique way of learning and is constantly changing and adapting his methods to accommodate what works best for the individual while also maintaining his high educational standards. Zach has a high degree of understanding in music theory and thoroughly enjoys composing and performing his own music.

Marco Rojas – Drums

Marco, currently based in Calgary AB, is a formally trained drum instructor, musician, and audio engineer with over 15 years of experience. Hailing from Mexico City, he completed his Bachelor of Audio Engineering at G. Martell School of Music in 2009 and finished his professional training in a wide range of drum techniques at Bemol Academy of Music. He’s since been involved in a diverse range of musical projects both in audio engineering and in his own musical endeavors. Marco also co-owned the Crescendo Academy of Music in Toluca, Mexico where he and his staff taught guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, vocals, and more to over 70 students of all ages. When he’s not busy teaching and audio engineering, he performs drums in his symphonic folk metal band, Cabrakaän, is part of a local music duo, has ongoing projects, and also performs as a session musician for multiple artists.

Patricia Bustillos – Voice

Patricia is a classically trained light lyric soprano and has been a vocal instructor with over 10 years. Her techniques and musical stylings spans from classical to modern pop. Patricia has been formally educated in her craft, and in 2016, she graduated from The Diocesan Superior School of Sacred Music (Toluca, MX). Since then, she has completed multiple masterclasses, workshops, and music theory coursework to diversify her technique. As a soprano, Patricia has been a soloist, lead vocalist, and part of a choir for various productions, which includes the Toluca Philharmonic Orchestra, symphonic orchestras and more. As an educator, she co-owned the Crescendo Academy of Music and taught vocal technique and music theory to over 70 students

Aldis Gislason – Piano, Voice, Beginner Theory

Aldis Gislason graduated with Bachelors of Education and a major in Music from the University of Saskatchewan. She has completed her Grade 9 Piano in RCM and her Grade 2 Rudiments in Theory. Over the years, she has been a classroom music teacher as well as a private music teacher of both piano and voice. Aldis has a performing background both as a soloist and in small and large ensembles, including being a member of a String Trio and Youth String Orchestra in Red Deer. Aldis is passionate about playing, listening to and teaching music. She is excited to share her skills and knowledge of music with her students.

Sophie Fu – Piano

Sophia has over fifteen years of experience playing the piano and performing, and has over three years of experience in teaching. She has enjoyed working with many different students at a variety of different ages and enjoys discovering their musical talent and further improving their behavioral management. Sophie is ARCT certified in Royal Conservatory, Piano performance, Musical Theory, and Advanced Harmony. She is also familiar with with teaching repertoires, such as RCM, Piano Adventures, Adult Piano Adventures etc. Sophie’s teaching philosophy is to help students discover the joy of practicing piano while also developing transferable traits that would also benefit their school and daily lives. She takes on a holistic approach and believes that parents play a significant role in children’s personality development, and as such, Sophie works closely with both parents and students to create a fun and meaningful learning environment.

Sarah Curtis – Piano, Voice

Sarah Curtis is a coloratura soprano who completed her Bachelors of Music with Great Distinction in 2019 at the University of Lethbridge.  She has sung with various symphonies across the globe and has more than ten years of performance experience.  Sarah is not only passionate about singing, but is proficient in piano and holds a grade 8 RCM certificate.