Music Lessons Calgary October 2016 – As I walk down the riverside pathway next to downtown Calgary, I am surrounded by the magnificent colours of autumn. Most of the leaves are a bright yellow to golden orange. With each gust of wind the leaves become airborne like tiny gliders doing very complicated aerobatic maneuvers, twisting and diving until they eventually join the others on the ground.

This past summer has been the best ever. Band Camp was certainly the highlight. Seven very enthusiastic campers formed two bands, practiced very hard all week then went into the studio to record. This is the first camp that only original music was created. Both bands chose to write and play a song written by the members, design graphics for CD covers and with the help of our two fantastic instructors Andrew Balboa and Rahbek Salomon, produced a terrific CD. Rahbek and Andrew also produced a video of the complete camp experience which will be posted on YouTube and our website. All in all the summer band camp of 2016 was a great success and with a CD to take home it will be an experience each camper will be able to share and enjoy. We want to thank Andrew, Rahbek and Tara for a job well done.