Thank you for choosing Bowtown Music for your recording project.  We are committed to providing you with an optimum experience and product that meets your recording needs and our standard of service.

Every session is guaranteed to be on time so that clients receive their full scheduled time in the studio unless there is a prearranged schedule change.  Any change to the schedule by either the client or the studio must be made at least 24 hours before the session.  Any delay to a session by the client may result in the forfeit of all or part of the deposit.  The client will be charged for any damage to the studio or equipment caused by the client.  The studio is not responsible for lost or damaged articles.

Bowtown Music Recording Policy

Booking a Recording Session:                      

$150 deposit at time of booking a session

Two Hours Minimum of Recording Time $150 to be paid prior to each session.

24 hour cancellation notice – less than 24 hours will result in loss of deposit.

All recording sessions include one CD


Booking additional time may be required in some cases where the 2hr. session is not enough.

For example:

If the 2hr session is only used for recording then additional time is required for editing, mixing and mastering.
Additional Recording           $75/hr.   (average cost to demo 1 song  $300 – $500)

Additional Mixing                 $75/hr.   (average cost to master 1 song $1000 – $2000)

Additional mix down will only be done with the consent of the client.


Other Services:

Producer/Arranger                                                 $70/hr.

Accompaniment                                                      $50/hr.

Additional CD’s                                                       $50 each


** Please note that fees are subject to change depending on the complexity of the project **


If a recording session is missed by the fault of the client there will be no refunds or make up session.

I have read the recording policy information and agree to these terms.


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