Instrument Rentals

Not sure you’re ready to own an instrument? Bowtown Music is happy to offer instrument rentals so you can get a feel for your instrument before committing to a purchase. We offer a variety of instrument rentals including guitars, violins, banjos, ukuleles, pianos, and amps.

Student Rentals for $25/month.

If you are a student currently enrolled in music lessons at Bowtown Music you can rent an instrument for $25 a month. Non-student rentals are $50/month. A damage deposit is required for guitar, violins, banjos, ukuleles, and amps. A damage deposit of $300 is required for piano rentalsThe damage deposit will be reimbursed when you return your instrument.

Payments will be automatically taken off your credit card at the beginning of each month.

Room Rentals

Need a quiet space to practice? Bowtown Music is happy to offer room rentals at $30 an hour. Lessons take priority but we will do our best to find a room that matches your schedule!